UOE Domos


Creating a pioneering IGR automation

UOE Domos is Nigeria’s fast emerging technology Solutions Company aimed at solving present and foreseeable real-life problems through ICT and IGR Automation.

Ceramic Cups

Customized cups can be used as gift items and have formed an integral part of our daily lives and activities.

Complimentary Cards

We created complimentary cards to enhance credibility and create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy for your business.


We came up with the designs that uniquely promote UOE Domos by designing customized caps with strong and creative embroidered brand logo.

File jackets

We designed file jackets in a variety of colors and material types for customer ease of use.

Note pads

We designed Notepads with creatively appealing design features that promote brand awareness.

Innovations validated by results and drive

Our goal was to help simplify Uoe Domos’s website processes by tackling software development challenges and documentation making workflow seamless, response quick and productivity efficient through fine tuned software development packages to improve efficiency and deliver optimum results.

Positioning a recognisable brand platform with a clear strategy that resonates with its clients

So when UOE Domos asked us to reboot their brand, we decided to speak directly to an audience who could really appreciate what they delivered and help raise their profile in the process of completing their business plan and determining which products to pursue while creating, rebranding and critically mapping out how best to generate ongoing value for the brand.