Launching the most innovative savings and investment app is an online savings platform that helps people manage their personal finances and money related issues by creating an avenue to save while benefiting from a high interest rate. The objective of MoneyBag is to help you save towards an achievable goal and it does so through its amazing features.

Refining and enhancing Savings through technological innovation

We positioned as a special savings and investment app’ with a distinctive design that would communicate the story behind the concept, and justify the platform with the reassurance of improving savings culture in Nigeria.

Ceramic Cups

We designed custom made ceramic cups for personal and/or professional use to extend its brand visibility.

Gift Bags

We designed gift bags to further strengthen the brand’s presence for effective marketing.


We created a clean, easy-to-read look notepads to create brand awareness.

Reigniting imagination through Designs and digital transformation

We opted for a simple and receptive design methodology that will not be too distant as a brand yet maintaining’suniqueness. We wanted to appeal to anyone who wouldn't have considered with their savings before and guarantee that they feel there is a protection item that has been intended for them, their family, their needs, spending and savings plan, that seems basic, clear and open and that will secure them against the unexpected, enabling them to focus on building an effortless savings culture.